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In today's digital era, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, transforming our society and providing new opportunities. In this context, the Latin American region has demonstrated great potential in terms of talent and creativity. With the aim of harnessing this potential and promoting the decentralization of quality and collaborative education, Andino, a community of developers and creators in emerging technologies such as blockchain, web3 and artificial intelligence, has emerged.

The name "Andean" refers to the Andean region and the Inca culture, symbolizing the heritage and innovative spirit of Peru and Latin American countries.

The community's mission is to position ourselves as an innovation hub in Latin America, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from various disciplines related to emerging technologies. Our main objective is to foster the growth and adoption of solutions based on blockchain, web3 and artificial intelligence in the region. We believe in the transformative potential of these technologies and their ability to generate positive impact in areas such as the economy, education, governance and financial inclusion.

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