Web3 founders space

Andino Labs flagship community educational program for founders who want to learn about different blockchain protocols, in this unique space, we bring together prominent web3 ecosystem leaders along with talented builders to dive into the various ecosystems, from Polygon, Optimism, Celo, Solana, Algorand with the aim of developing open source onchain solutions.

Demo day for startups Web3

Demo Day, you will have the opportunity to witness impactful presentations from early founders who have been working hard on their startups. These projects represent the best of emerging technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence and business creativity.

Demo Day is not just about presentations. We also offer a wide range of activities designed to drive the growth and success of entrepreneurs. From personalized mentoring sessions to valuable networking spaces, we connect you with web3, blockchain technical experts and potential key collaborators.

University tour

We are a community passionate about technology and we are excited to bring the fascinating world of blockchain to university students.

Our events are a unique opportunity for young talents in Peru to explore and understand the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology. Through lectures, interactive workshops and hands-on sessions, we seek to inspire and inform university students about the fundamentals and applications of blockchain in various fields.

Hackathons in Andino

Our hackathons are dynamic and collaborative events where programmers, developers, designers and technology enthusiasts come together to explore and experiment with the limits of blockchain. These intense coding and creation marathons encourage collaboration, problem solving and the creation of disruptive solutions using blockchain technologies and decentralized protocols.


Description: learning spaces technical collaborative in Blockchain development.

Frequency: Every Monday from 7 to 9pm

Year 2022: We have made 20 cryptomondays


  • Smart contract development.

  • Programming languages

  • API integration

ENS: English Networking Space

Description: Spaces for learning and themed networking in English web3.

Frequency: Every Wednesday from 7 to 9pm (2 times a month)

#ENS: 8 editions made

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